CVE-2012-6399 – Or how your Cisco WebEx meetings aren’t very confidential on iOS


Secunia SA 51412


By default, when creating a connection using iOS you will get a nice helpful warning if you stumble upon a certificate chain that can’t be verified:

iOS Certifiate Warning

Contains other great information about the subject as well.

However some applications override this functionality. In the case, an unfixed vulnerability submitted through Secunia SVCRP reached its 6 month limit as per Secunia’s disclosure policy. This means that a MITM can replace the certificate on the connection and decrypt the traffic without the user knowing, leading to a loss of┬áconfidentiality.

It’s also interesting to note when you authenticate with the WebEx service, that as you can see below from this burp screenshot, it submits your credentials to not just one, but two WebEx servers; one in the USA, and one in Beijing in China. You’ve got to wonder what the purpose is of that, though I won’t speculate about that:

WebEx submitting your credentials to China

WebEx submitting your credentials to China