WordPress Online Store arbitrary file disclosure


Secunia Advisory SA50836

Analysis of vulnerability

The plugin hooks two functions as a part of its core functionality in core.php by adding an action for init and admin_init.

The first line calls into osc_session_init_fend whenever a WordPress page is loaded, in order to set up a session.

The interesting thing is that on line 136 is checks the “force” request variable to see if it matches to “downloadnow”. If it is set, it will change the content type of the response to be a download, and then read the file set by the request variables “turl” and “file” and write that to the response. These variables are however not sanitized, which leads to an arbitrary file disclosure. We can exploit this by making a request to any page with following querystring, which will force the browser to download a page containing the contents of the wp-config.php file at the top of the file:


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