WordPress Crayon Syntax Highlighter remote file inclusion vulnerability


Secunia advisory SA 50804

Analysis of vulnerability

The Crayon Syntax highlighter implements a vulnerable RPC-like system for AJAX in /util/ajax.php and /util/preview.php. Both files share these 3 lines of code as being the first ones in both:

So it apperas that at least it attempts to do some validation. Let us see how that is implemented in global.php(Included by crayon_wp.class.php):

So it calls crayon_is_php_file which checks if the provided path is a file, the extension is “php” and the filename is what is expected, which in this case is wp-load.php. In theory, this should be safe if we assume that is_file only returns true for local file. However due to is_file also supporting FTP, we can get it to return true for a remote file on a FTP server! This means that if the server allows url includes, we can do a remote file include from a malicious FTP server hosting a wp-load.php file through an URL like this, either through ajax.php or preview.php:

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